About Us

Yave was born in coffee.

Our story started with a simple mission: to help small business owners across the coffee supply chain be more profitable. Now, we're opening up our technology to all makers, flavor mavens, and craftspeople. Join us.

Main street brands deserve to stand out in their markets. In today's environment they also need to be able to compete with big businesses on convenience, ordering, and customer engagement.

We know because we were made in a cafe. Yave levels the playing field by cutting out middle-man ordering marketplace apps like Uber Eats, and helping you invest directly in your customers. As end-consumers, we want to know where our money is going and the purpose behind the brand names we support. Yave helps you bring your story to life in a beautiful and easy-to-use format.

Know your regulars. Grow your regulars. We build beautiful technology that empowers you and your best customers to enjoy maximum value over every single sale. A digital relationship at your point of sale is 300% more valuable than a traditional transactional relationship over the lifetime of your engagement with that customer.

We value:
Inclusion    ·    Quality    ·    Candor    ·    Hustle    ·    Grit    ·    Positivity


Meet the Team

Scott Tupper

Founder & CEO

Scott is a serial entrepreneur who has founded two social-impact startups pursuing a common goal: create business models that give agency & identity to small business owners. From tropical supply chains in coffee and cacao to some of the world's most prestigious coffee roasters and cafes, he is relentless in his pursuit to power parity and profitability for small businesses in competitive markets.

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Nicola Claxton

Co-Founder & COO

Nik "Speedy" Claxton is a doer extraordinaire who wears every hat and keeps it all humming at Yave. She combines her vast IT, retail, financial, and entrepreneurial experiences to ensure each Yave customer gets the help they need. Nik is a sailor, snowboarder, and all around badass.

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Dan Carlson

Co-Founder & CTO

Dan Carlson is your favorite builder's favorite builder. A pro-am biker turned supercoder, Dan has single-handedly architected Yave's POS integrations, blockchain solutions, and payment interfaces. Dan holds multiple patents and has helped lead several startups from idea to homerun success.

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Our Partners

Coffee & Craft Brands
Equator Coffees
Onda Origins
Onyx Coffee
Government Organizations & NGOs
Asia Pacific Foundation of America
Digital Technology Supercluster
GIZ - Coffee Innovation Fund
Guatemalan Coffees
Rainforest Alliance
Sustainable Brands
Amazon Web Services
Hyperledger Fabric