The Key

The Key - Vol. 7

Blockchain Coffee Auction. A Success.

The Key - Vol. 6

One Weekend, Two Coffee Events, Three Announcements

The Key - Vol. 5

Check out our featured Reuters video, participate in our global study and pre-register for the world's first blockchain auction in Guatemala City this May.

The Key - Vol. 4

We're especially excited to share with you the world's first coffee auction event powered by blockchain technology. This means faster payment for farmers, immutable traceability, and unprecedented market access breakthroughs.

The Key - Vol. 3

Summer came and went so fast, it's amazing just how much the Yave team accomplished.

The Key - Vol. 2

In our second issue, read about ongoing progress in Guatemala, more press coverage, and some great upcoming opportunities for the team.

The Key - Vol. 1

In our inaugural issue, read about our traceability trip in the Philippines; GeekWire's coverage of our mission; and checkout the Exhibitor Tool you can use to find us at the 2018 Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle.